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It just blew up in your face

the cause and the remedy

My sign is Libra
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September 23-October 22

Head Justice:__kane

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Air sign
Positive Masculine Day Forces
7th sign
The Scales
Venus: Beauty Planet
Phrase:"I balance"

Fellow airsigns: Gemini, Aquarius
Cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn--
Cardinal meaning "leading" or "first"

What you may not know about Libras
They are very charming and indecisive. They stand firm when they finally make up their minds. Sex is often blamed on the Scorpio but don't be fooled, these people are very prone to sexual addiction. They are peace loving and usually make people feel comfortable around them because of the love they radiate. They love love but they have a violent streak! They have been known to attack when their space is in jeopardy--and oh, do they need their space. They are usually extraverts but benefit from time alone so they reflect and sort out all the junk in their heads. Usually has more than one lover and many friends. They often hide their discomforts to keep the peace. And don't get them mad, you'll think you've ran into an Aries! They have great debating skills due to their sharp rational and awesome communication skills. Make awesome lawyers, judges, and hair dressers
Often believe the feelings of others come before their own.

Gwen Stefani

Jesse Jackson

Judge Judy


Oscar Wilde

Jimmy Carter

Tommy Lee

Sharon Osbourne