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Desperately seeking Librans

Actually, I'M not seeking Librans... I want this to be interesting enough for a Libra gal (or guy) such as myself. So.. here's a little Libra-ish story:

Yesterday, I fucked 2 boys. I fucked them 3 times each. 6 times total. 4 is my lucky number, so I fucked 2 more boys (once each) and then divided by 2 to get to 4 (I forgot half of the fucks). Then, I smoked a big fat gagger of a joint and drowned my frivolous emotions in strong beer and watched porno until I had to wake up for work.

Actually... Maybe it was something like this:

I just couldn't decide which boy I wanted to fuck, so I fucked them both before making my final decision.

Ok... I have way too much time on my hands. Lazy Libra Lives.

Fun fiction... yay!
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